Amberisk Consulting

Building stronger second lines

Risk and Compliance solutions for the Wealth Management world

What we do

Regulatory and Operational Risk Consulting

Independent Risk Assessments

Independent BRA and Risk reviews, help with developing risk appetite and incorporating conduct risk drivers 

Policy and Procedures

Write, review, rationalise and operationalise. What Compliance Monitoring really needs to be testing. 

Behavioural Risk Drivers

Developing behavioural risk in risk management assessments. 

Risk and Compliance Systems

Developing risk assessment systems that integrate into the process. 

Our Goals

Good governance, transparency, risk-driven analysis, and behavioural testing.

Cost of Control

No control should cost more than the risk that it is managing.

Offshore Wealth Management

With over 30 years working in risk, and 18 in offshore wealth management.

Clarity and Impact

My goal is to have Risk and Compliance to communicate with the Board. It is such an important skill set for Risk and Compliance to clearly articulate their message.  (All credit to Jon Moon)

Reduce Your Dependency on Excel

Great tool, probably too great and far too convenient. In this data-driven world learning to avoid creating unstructured data will pay dividends later on.